(a sicilian-texan rockabilly odyssey

produced, written and directed by vittorio bongiorno



A talented Sicilian rockabilly guitarist is called to challenge the best American musicians in Texas. There will be cowboys and guitarists on fire.

In the category “Best Rockabilly Group” at the prestigious Ameripolitan Festival in Austin, Don Diego and his trio of cronies in cowboy hats and boots must demonstrate their ability to perform better than the others, and show everyone they have the famous “balls of steel.”

"Greetings from Austin" will not only be a story of music and passion, but also the story of a clash between two different worlds which will come together thanks to Don Diego. On one side is the imagery of the Far West, the Frontier, and country America. On the other is Diego’s Sicilianess, the result of continuous blending of diverse cultural elements in history as well as the Made in Italy.

Will Don Diego succeed in winning the prize for the best rockabilly guitarist? Who knows? With Don Diego, Sicily and Italy, and America will merge in a ballad of love and passion.

(coming soon 2018 ) 

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